You don’t have to do this alone. Many national and state organizations want to help your child find reading success. Explore some of our favorite resources below.

State Organizations

The Kansas Parents as Teachers Association supports early childhood learning with free home visits, playgroups and online resources.

Free Playgroups and Home Visits

Contact your school district’s representative to set up home visits with education experts or join a learning playgroup.

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Learn About Literacy

Tips on introducing your kids to reading before they’re in school.

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How Play Helps Learning

Playing with your kids helps develop all areas of their brain.

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Create Positive Attachment

Build a supportive relationship with your kids to help them develop independence.

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Grow Language Development

Did you know baby talk, also called “parentese,” actually helps your little one’s brain grow?

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With seven locations, including a brand-new downtown facility, the Wichita Public Library promotes literacy to inform and entertain area families and to improve their quality of life.

5 Activities for Learning

Take learning beyond the book with these five ways to help build reading skills.

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Free Kids E-books

Get access to hundreds of free e-books to read with your child.

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The Topeka & Shawnee County Library uses a collection of more than 500,000 books and countless online resources to grow its community’s literacy.

5 Ways to Help your Child Read

There are more ways than reading to grow your child’s literacy skills.

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Fun Library Events

Reading with friends grows your child’s literacy AND social skills.

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Find Free Audiobooks

These apps make it easy to borrow audiobooks from your local library.

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The Kansas State Library provides Kansans with free literacy resources and lifelong educational services.

Free E-books and Animated Stories

With a massive collection of digital titles, reading adventure is just a few clicks away.

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Research for Kids

Your kids can research science, explore history and even learn a new language!

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Millions of books are exchanged each year through Little Free Library’s book-sharing boxes.

Find One Near You

Use this map to find a Little Free Library in your area.

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Storytime Village

Storytime Village inspires a lifelong love of reading among Kansas children with free books and literacy programs.

Get Out and Read

Friends who read together stay together. Check out these free events from Storytime Village.

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National Organizations


All you need is Libby and your library card to get free access to e-books and audiobooks.

Download the App

Choose from hundreds of your local library’s digital titles. Libby automatically returns the books when they’re due. No late-fee woes!

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With free reading tips and resources, Zero to Three makes it easy to get your kids reading early and often.

5 Ways to Raise Your Reader

Use these quick tips to start raising your reader from day one.

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Why You Need to Start Early

You can make a positive impact on your child’s language skills starting in the first year.

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Read Early and Often

Did you know little ones just a few months old can benefit from reading?

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This association of more than 67,000 pediatricians is committed to the physical, mental and social well-being of children.

Early Literacy Resources

Support your child’s early learning with this collection of national and community resources.

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The Imagination Library mails more than a million free books each month to families around the world.

Do they ship to your area?

Find out if you can register your kids to receive free, high-quality books every month.

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Reach Out and Read

By incorporating books into pediatric care, Reach Out and Read gives young children a foundation for success.

Early Reading Milestones

Kids learn fast when they’re raised on reading. Look for these milestones as your child grows.

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Books for Each Age Group

Reach Out and Read has book recommendations for each age group and some tips for reading them.

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For Learning Disabilities

PBS Parents

PBS Parents creates educational tips, resources and games with experts in child psychology and early learning.

The Basics of Learning Disabilities

As your child’s first teacher, you’ll likely notice a learning disability before anyone else. Here’s what to look for.

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Reading Rockets

This multimedia initiative offers research-based strategies, lessons and activities to help children with reading disabilities.

Support Your Struggling Reader

How to recognize your child’s reading disabilities and help him overcome them.

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Learn About Reading Disabilities

More than 90 percent of struggling readers can overcome their disabilities if they’re treated early.

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Reading Games

Take a break from books and use these games to help build your child’s reading skills.

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Learning Disabilities Association of America

LDA uses parent support, education and advocacy to build success opportunities for struggling readers.

Support for Learning Disabilities

Learn more about the specific learning disabilities and related disorders your child could be facing.

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Families Together, Inc.

Families Together, Inc. provides free assistance, training and resources to parents of children with special needs.

Get Special Needs Support

Find out more about their free training programs and resources.

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The Dyslexia Foundation

This foundation brings leading dyslexia scientists together and shares their research findings with the public.

Their Latest Research

Get news and updates from The Dyslexia Foundation’s research projects.

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More Reading Activities and Resources

Kids Karaoke

Use this karaoke playlist to teach your child how words and music work together.

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You can read from countless user-generated stories and even try creating your own.

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Learn more about how “baby talk” helps your little ones learn.

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12 Kansas Resources

Check out the Wichita Eagle’s rundown on some local literacy resources.

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Reading Games

Take a break from books and use these games to help build your child’s reading skills.

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